Virtual Data Protection Officer

In many organisations a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a lawful requirement, playing an important role.

The main tasks for a DPO include, advising the senior leadership team on current policy, risk management and the process and policies required.

However, whilst some organisations maybe processing a large amount of personal data, others have recognised that having a voluntary DPO is actually part of the ‘best practice’ for business.

Either acting as your virtual DPO or providing support and additional resource for DPOs and/or Privacy Managers and those responsible for data protection compliance we can provide you with an experienced DPO on a flexible and cost-effective outsourced basis, through a shared DPO service.

Assured Clarity’s DPO team have the experience and knowledge of regulatory compliance; having had hands-on experience of guiding a vast range of different companies through the processes, policies and people training, in order to meet and sustain GDPR compliance.

All with the added benefit of the terms being tailored to meet your specific requirements. We will agree the right resource level for your needs and set a monthly cost to allow you to budget accordingly.


  • Your Virtual DPO will be your organisations point of contact with the relevant Data Protection Authority, which is the Information Commissioners Office (iCO) in the UK
  • Support development of specific GDPR, PECR and other data privacy and information security training materials, to inform and train staff on the requirements of the secure data protection regime and the handling of Personal Data.
  • Will provide advice and support when undertaking DPIA’s, advising on policies and technologies to further mitigate risk
  • Regularly be on-hand to provide feedback and advice throughout the organisation especially regarding any potential incidents or breaches or data subjects exercising their rights such as: –
    • DSAR
    • Right to correction
    • Right to erasure
  • Agreed set of deliverables that can be prioritised for both regulated compliance and business need
  • The ability to ‘Pay as You Go’ for add on relevant associated services including legal services from our inhouse DP lawyer
  • Will work and support senior management to build a security awareness and privacy by design culture, with specialised training if deemed appropriate
    • Advise on the appointment and use of data processors and ensure appropriate contracts terms are included in any data processing agreement.
    • Advise on any transfers of personal data outside the EU.
    • Advise on incident management
    • As required, provide input on the data protection implications of: –
      • Projects
      • Business development/marketing strategy
      • Proposed mergers, acquisitions and disposals
      • Third-party engagement and management
  • The knowledge you will have Assured Clarity as a trusted ‘partner’ that can deal effectively and professionally on your behalf with any crisis / issues that might arise
  • That Assured Clarity understand your commercial objectives and want to

Benefits of an Virtual DPO

  • Practical advice that can be gradually incorporated into BAU (Business as Usual)
  • Application of best practice in achieving and maintaining compliance with data protection and other relevant compliance regulation
  • Cost effective compared to an internal appointment, with a flexible and bespoke model and add on services if required
  • Access to independent compliance expertise not available internally with no conflict of interest between the DPO and other business activities
  • Horizon scanning for forthcoming changes and relevant case law
  • Access to regular effective training, compliance solutions and other relevant services

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