Risk Management

Compliance is not only a legal requirement, it means that you have invested in building a security-minded culture throughout the organisation and your business is prepared and ready for the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

We are a global consultancy, specialising in Risk Management, Data Privacy and Data Protection through Education, Awareness and Training, throughout an organisation.

We recognise the ‘human factor’ as well as the need for advanced technology to protect and defend from a physical and or, cyber attack.

The current on-going risks to business that require immediate attention can be grouped under ‘Cyber Resilience’ essentially bringing the areas of information security, business continuity and organisational resilience together.

The objective to maintain the ability to deliver the intended outcome continuously at all times, even when regular delivery mechanisms have failed; such as, during a crisis, after a security breach or when faced with new risks. The new EU AI Act is a good example of the pace of change and we are in a good position to help organisations understand the complexities of adopting Artificial Intelligence.

We can provide your organisation with a programme of activities, guidance and support, which often starts with a ‘Digital Health Check’ of the business procedures and the policies in place to ensure the organisation maintains a robust position.

This would include but not limited to:- Training all staff through our in-house training platform Kautiio. This has been developed to provide a real environment for employees to understand just how certain security risks can be exploited. We provide access to specialist tools and technologies, thereby further ensuring cyber resilience, as well as good governance, with your organisation compliant with relevant industry standards and accreditations.

Enterprise Application Security Testing
Infrastructure and Architecture
Security Reviews
Infrastructure & Application
Perimeter Scanning
External & Internal Network
PCI DSS Audits
International Standards (ISO)
EU AI Act Compliance
Third Party Risk Assessments
Digital Health Check
Business Continuity
Disaster Recover Planning
Cyber Security Awareness Training

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