Penetration Testing

It is widely acknowledged, that globally cyber-attacks are constantly evolving and there are literally thousands of attacks on a daily basis, this becomes a persistent and growing challenge for organisations and individuals around the world who are left trying to fortify their networks.

It is critically important and should form part of the organisation’s strategy, to identify the weaknesses in your business’s cyber infrastructure to build resilience and create robust defences against these evolving cyber threats.

At Assured Clarity, our penetration testing, commonly called pen testing, has been designed to identify vulnerabilities in your network, applications and systems.

We tailor our approach, so it matches your unique requirements. We simulate real-world attacks to assess the weaknesses and work with your IT and security teams to provide pragmatic advice and guidance enhancing their ability to respond to and mitigate real cyber threats.

This leads to the organisation strengthening its cybersecurity posture

Our Methodology

We think like a hacker and come at every test from their perspective – to get in This unique approach is based on the NIST Special Publication 800-115. The process is aligned with standard methodologies across various domains.

Areas of Expertise

  • Web Applications and API Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)
  • Network infrastructure (internal and external)
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise Application Security Testing
  • Infrastructure and Architecture Security Reviews Infrastructure & Application
  • Perimeter Scanning

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