Health Check

It is important for every organisation to recognise the importance and benefits of achieving regulatory compliance along with Cyber Security.

EU GDPR and DPA 2018 have been with us for over 5 years. Many organisations are now understanding the transformational benefits of aligning to regulatory compliance. We also find many organisations are coming to us, as they recognise they have done an ‘OK’ job, but want to be more resilient. They are also realising, that many of the RFPs they are now completing, include more security questions and they want to have a more robust approach.

The ACL ‘Health-check’ has been designed to enable organisations to understand their current risk and security posture, in a way that isn’t onerous and resource heavy.

We deploy our subject matter experts to support you in completing our 10 Step Health Check, that includes a series of dashboards that ensure you can monitor your progress and keep up to date on all actions.

Our Health Check provides a pragmatic insight to where your organisation is doing well and where there are opportunities to transform into an even better organisation.

Driven with security and privacy by design as the key principles, this is an opportunity to strengthen the organisation and ensure process and policies are in place. Data compliance and payment protection regulations are constantly changing in order to ensure companies adequately protect their customers data and current and emerging threats.

At the same time access to new technology in an increasingly digital and online world, is exponentially increasing the number of threats from hackers and fraudsters.


PCI - DSS ver 4 – Image

 Companies need to protect their business against these risks that damage both their financial position and ongoing reputation. Risks can be both internal – arising through internal fraud, bad practices, poor staff training, non-compliance issues, and external attacks from external sources, phishing, supplier systems or new regulatory requirements.

These threats impact all businesses both small and large. Often small businesses don’t have the resources or expertise to identify and successfully mitigate risks on an ongoing basis. Instead, mistakenly believing that they are not a target for bad actors. And larger businesses have scale issues and greater complexity to deal with. In both cases expertise is not always readily available.

What we do

We have designed a Risk and Compliance Health Check that will ensure, once complete, you have the required Policies and Processes in place to make your organisation as robust as possible, whilst enabling employees to see the transformational impact of good data governance. We take in to consideration the operational challenges of the organisation, the resource and people available, as well assess the technological and physical security in place. We’re strong advocates for the ‘human firewall’ and awareness, education and training is vital.

During the health check we will assess the businesses appetite to risk, we work to understand the objectives of the organisation and then review what policies are in place to achieve them. We undertake a review of the processes and if they don’t already exist, build out data flows to ensure that the appropriate documentation is in place to align with EU General Data Protection / UK DPA 2018. This provides the foundation for the organisation to then achieve IASME Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, or even more advanced Internationsl Standards such as ISO 27001-2022.

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