Data Protection Officer Direct

At Assured Clarity we recognise that the Data Protection Officer (DPO) plays an important role in advising the senior leadership team on current policy and risk management, as well as determine future policy. However, whilst organisations maybe processing a large amount of personal data, do they require a DPO on a full-time basis? Do they have the in-house skills and knowledge, including the breadth of experience to meet their requirements? We have found from many of our current clients, the answer is a resounding NO! It’s for this reason we have decided to launch DPO Direct.

DPO Direct is a service providing you with the support of a DPO who has the experience and knowledge of regulatory compliance; having had hands on experience of guiding a vast range of different companies through the processes, policies and people training, in order to meet and sustain GDPR compliance. All with the added benefit of the terms being tailored to meet your specific requirements. We will agree the right resource level for your needs and set a monthly cost to allow you to budget accordingly.
Our DPO Direct team are fully supported by our Data Protection experts, who have years of valuable experience in both in law and in practice and understand how important it has become to protect Personal Identifiable Information through Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s)

  • Your DPO Direct will be your organisations point of contact with the Information Commissioners Office (iCO)
  • Will work and support senior management to build a security awareness culture, with specialised training if deemed appropriate
  • Will provide full support in undertaking the DPIA’s and advising on policies and technologies to further mitigate risk
  • Regularly be on-site to provide feedback and advice throughout the organisation.

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