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Managing vulnerabilities and mitigating risk


Enterprise and IT Risk Management?

Whatever the size of your enterprise, the risk of being compromised is on the increase. In fact, we say that it’s not ‘If we get hacked’ its When!

We take a holistic view of risk management, both the physical intrusion, how can someone gain access to your office and what might they be able to find once in, as well the more considered threat of the ‘cyber-attack / hack! For us, it very much goes beyond the IT function and we consider it as a boardroom responsibility. With the recent change in Regulations, the introduction of EU GDPR, now provides the enterprise an opportunity to deliver transformational change across the entire organisation; through education, awareness and training.

As organisations become increasingly dependent on information technology and we partner with some of the best technology available, the key areas of IT risk are usually identified as:

  • IT infrastructure and network security
  • Data privacy and data integrity,
  • Business continuity
  • IT management
Securing your critical data

Whilst it is considered best practice to always ensure your data is encrypted, article 32 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specifically states that personal data needs to be encrypted. This is generally straightforward on the PC, but for those who work remotely and need to transport personal or sensitive data securely, we have partnered with Apricorn.


Apricorn is the global leader in PIN Pad authenticated, hardware encrypted and software free USB and portable hard drives.

Whether you looking to secure your critical data as part of information security best practice or through the need to comply with GDPR or other audit requirements, Apricorn can support you with the broadest range of form factors (USB to portable HDD to desktop drives) and capacities (from 8GB to 12TB), whatever your needs. The range also benefits from compatibility with the Aegis configurator which provides a unique capability to automate the mass provisioning of multiple devices with pre-programmed configuration and security policy.

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