Virtual CISO

Where an in-house CISO is usually a senior member of the executive team, vCISO services are typically delivered by a team of virtual CISO experts. This allows them to draw on a deeper pool of knowledge and provide near-constant protection against cyber threats. Organizations need an experienced security leader to drive critical initiatives and align activities to address pressing business needs. Unfortunately, proven CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) are both rare and highly sought, making hiring and retaining a quality, full-time CISO a daunting challenge.

CISO as a Service, sometimes called vCISO (virtual CISO), is an alternative security program leadership strategy that leverages a flexible resourcing model to achieve your organizations goals. For organizations struggling with the realities of cost, limited local talent pool, and the need for broad expertise, CISO as a Service is a practical solution to achieve short- and long-term program objectives.

Assured Clarity’s Virtual CISO team are seasoned leaders who apply expertise wherever it is needed.

They leverage combined experience to deliver key security program competencies and help achieve organizational goals. They manage cybersecurity risk, lead incident response efforts, identify exposures, and prioritize activities to continually optimize the security program and align it with business needs. They manage and mature the security program.

Target areas

  • Program development and management
  • Board-level coalition building
  • Policy and standards development
  • Maturation of various programs:



    Security awareness

    Security metrics


    Service tiers

    Virtual CISO Basic

    For small businesses requiring minimal but consistent virtual CISO services, including customer and partner questionnaire support, information security program creation and management, annual information security training, annual business continuity /disaster recovery table-top exercise, and an annual information security risk assessment.

    Virtual CISO Intermediate

    For small and midsized businesses requiring more complex virtual CISO services. Includes all the features of Basic plus annual SOC1/2 or similar audit support, compliance with regulations and standards; annual IT security assessment; and third-party critical vendor reviews.

    Virtual CISO Advanced

    For midsized businesses over 300 employees with the complexity to require the features of Intermediate but at a greater volume of virtual CISO services.

    Includes an annual information security risk assessment.

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