Carolyn Brings Clarity

Artificial Intelligence part 2

In this episode of Carolyn Brings Clarity, Carolyn explores the latest in the EU AI Act with Michael Borelli from AI and Partners. It’s definitely a hot topic and there is so much to discuss, but kick back and listen to what they have to say.

Carolyn Brings Clarity on 3rd party risk

In this episode, Carolyn discusses 3rd party risk with our legal partner Marriot Harrison (no family connection) This is a detailed subject and this is a longer than usual episode, so please get in touch to learn more as to how we can support you in mitigating risk in your business.

Artificial Intelligence part 1

In this episode of Carolyn Brings Clarity we discuss the basic of the EU AI Act.

From PCI-DSS 3.2.1 to PCI-DSS ver 4.0

Having been established over 15 years, the PCI-DSS framework was probably over due an update. In this latest episode of Carolyn Brings clarity, the team from Assured Clarity, discuss the changes and what organisations can expect. Fraud is on the increase and this framework is all about protecting card holder data, as well of course, as an organisations reputation…

Carolyn Brings Clarity to ISO27001 2022 update

In this episode of Carolyn Brings Clarity, the discussion is around the upcoming changes to ISO27001 as well as insights to some other changes that are on the horizon.

Carolyn Brings Clarity – Profit Insights

This is your opportunity to get a sneak peek as to the power of Profit Insights and how it could help your organisation. Hear how they Use powerful, data-driven analytics & strategies to improve performance…

Carolyn Brings Clarity – International Data Transfers

There are many changes on the horizon, so here is an opportunity to learn just what lies ahead in terms of International Data Transfer.

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