Assured Clarity Expands Team of Certified GDPR Practitioners Across Europe

Worrying Trend of Organisations Fearing GDPR Non-Compliance Due to Poor Advice

Assured Clarity, the Risk Management and Data Protection company, today announced that it has expanded its team of certified GDPR practitioners across Europe. The Assured Clarity team are working with organisations of all sizes and sectors throughout the EU to risk assess, process map and implement change, instilling confidence that they are demonstrably in adherence with the new data protection regulation.

In July, TrustArc reported the results of a survey that suggested 27% of organisations in the EU (excluding the UK) considered themselves to be GDPR compliant, with 74% expecting to achieve this by the end of the year. However, a worrying emergent trend that Assured Clarity is experiencing is a surge in enquiries from organisations beginning to seriously question the quality of the counsel they sought regarding their GDPR readiness.

Managing Director of Assured Clarity, Carolyn Harrison explains: “We have been approached by a number of organisations that either believed GDPR did not apply to them or that they were already compliant, but now want our help to either validate or re-evaluate their decision-making and process changes.”

Two key areas that Harrison notes are Consent and Subject Access Request. “There is still much confusion surrounding the use of Consent versus Legitimate Interest to process personal data. Businesses that make the wrong decision risk not only decimating their customer databases unnecessarily but potentially falling foul of the likes of the ICO.” Harrison adds: “Many organisations that would consider themselves GDPR compliant struggle with how they will handle Subject Access Requests, let alone within the one-month timeframe.”

To satisfy demand for GDPR expertise and Data Protection Officers services, Assured Clarity has expanded its team of fully certified GDPR practitioners to ten, located in the UK, Spain and Hungary. The team includes highly respected professional consultants from the risk, compliance, legal, cybersecurity, marketing and financial sectors.

About Assured Clarity

Assured Clarity is a UK-based global organisation that specialises in helping SMEs, trade bodies and large enterprise organisations meet their risk management and data protection requirements. It offers a portfolio of services that includes:

  • Risk Management and compliance
  • GDPR and Data Protection Strategy and Delivery
  • Outsourced DPO – Data Protection Officer and legal services
  • Education and Training
  • Information Management – Including Data Investigation / Storage
  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management

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